Catch the people who's LYING!!

How does it feels to be cheated?? ( especially by a boyfriend,girlfriend or bestfried)
Of course we always want to know the truth out from people. But gaining the truth is not as easy as spelling it. Lots of geniuses have done the research on this field. But the most famous and successful researched is by Dr Paul Ekman. His research is on micro expression. However, i've reading few articles and watching few videos before writing this down. i have simplify all the long assays into a very simple words. so here they are!
1.  they are stiff
       -lack of physical movement, no hand movement, arm movement, or leg movement.
2. they will avoid eye contact
       - so try to look at them in the eye. if they try to avoid it and get pissed off, you know what does it means!
3.  if the hand moves, they'll touch or scratch their nose,face,throat,mouth,behind ear.
4. unmatched emotional gestures and expression
       -they say NO but the head is NODDing. vice versa
       -saying 'IM SORRY' but the head is shaking.
5. delayed and prolonged expression .
        - we are suppose to express the feeling straight away but a lier took a few seconds to express it. and   a         prolonged expression shows how fake it is.
6.  limited facial muscle usage.
         -a true smile will  shallow the eyes and rises the cheek bones and of course with a smiling lips.
         -a faux smile will only involve the lips.
7. they are defensive
          - an innocent will be offensive.
             (who wont get offended being blame on something they did'nt do right.haha )
8. they will turn the head or body away from facing the questioner.
9. they will not making a direct statement.
          - this is where they will twist the story up and down, left and right until it goes nowhere.
10. they look relief when you change the topic.

There are mores signs of people lying but i think these are the crudest signs. i know that  lots of people won't really belief this but i do because i had relate it with my own personal experience.
     I remember when i was in secondary school, i was in my dark age, extremely rebellious and i did lie a lot to my father. When he tried to seek the truth out from me, of course he wanted me to admit the mistakes i made, I will cramped my muscle and stay as stiff as i can.hahaha...because I know and it is obviously, I'm the culprit. So i will pretend like I'm already dead before he did it for me. This will make him give up from asking me more questions.i know i was not lying, but still I'm trying not to tell the truth. That is my best self-defense. :p

It is also good to learn the micro-expression so that we can really read the real feelings of people. Micro expression is a reading of the a very tiny and subconscious facial expression that will only last for a few seconds. It needs a high training to detect it because it will happen very fast and it needs a high focus to read it. But some people, the special person sometimes do not have to follow the training because they are very sensitive to people's expression like a child who's being abused oftenly from the parents, they will know how to read the facial expression and always try to run when they see the anger face from their parents.
 There is a software developed by Dr Paul Ekman to train the eye to detect the facial expression (well I have it) and it looks like this 

But, since it reads the movements of the facial muscle, there are some weakness of this technique which in certain cases, some of agents can mask the muscle movement like people who had a botox on their face, the muscles are dead so the expression cant be seen. Same goes to any muscle relaxants like Paraflex, Parafon Forte DSC, Relaxazone, Remular, Remular-S,Robaxin ,Robaxin-750 ,Skelaxin etc.

There is one tv series that implies the Dr Paul Ekman research, 'Lie To Me'. A must watch tv series. This is the synopsis of the story: (which i took from a site)
   The Lightman Group, headed by Dr. Cal Lightman, work with law enforcement agencies all over the  country to expose the truth in criminal investigations. Specialists who each have their own unique ability in "deception detection" surround Dr. Lightman to uncover some the most heinous crimes ever committed. While Lie to Me focuses on solving crimes, the series also delves into the deceptions these characters must deal with within their personal lives. Handling the truth isn't always an easy task to manage from the ones you love.

                                                   An example of micro expression reading




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